Trash & Recycling Information
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Trash & Recycling Information

Garbage & Bulk Waste Collection 
Questions: 732-632-8519

  • Place items out the night before they are scheduled  to be picked up.  
  • Place your automated garbage can curbside in full view, avoiding parked cars and any other obstuctions.  Must be at least 4 feet away. 
  • Any container left out for garbage containing recyclables will be left! 
  • If you have extra garbage or bulk items that will not fit in your can call the Department of Public Works for a bulk pick up at 732-632-8519. 
  • Bulk Trash Examples: Couch, mattress, furniture, empty paint cans (Lids Off), carpeting (must be cut to 4ft. rolls, 50 lbs. per roll, and tied), lumber 4ft. bundles and tied. 50 lbs.  
  • Each Bulk Trash Item or bundle counts towards the 7 limit!  
  • The Borough  does NOT  collect construction & demolition debris such as sheet rock, shingles, and lumber in excess of allowable limit. 
  • For gas, pesticides, paint, driveway sealer and other such household hazardous wastes call Middlesex County at  732-745-4170 .  
  • Please avoid calling about missed items until 1:00 pm. In most instances, the problem can be rectified promptly.

Recycling Information 

Questions: 732-632-8519 
E-mail us at

Recycling Center Hours

Tuesday & Thursday 8:00 a.m. -- 1:00 p.m.
Saturday 9:00 a.m. -- 12:00 p.m.
Closed Monday, Wednesday & Friday

Recycling Guidelines

  • Place items out the night before they are scheduled to be picked up.
  • Place all items curbside in full view, avoiding parked cars.
  • Check your schedule for all HOLIDAYS!
  • Remember that different trucks collect different items.
  • Please avoid calling about missed items until 1:00 p.m. In most instances, the problem can be rectified promptly.
  • You may also take some items to the Jersey Ave. Recycling Center.

Recycling Calendars

​Recycling Map

  • The map to the right shows the four regions of Metuchen created by using Main Street and the Pennsylvania Rail Road as dividers.
  • Determine where you are located and you will be in one of the following zones:  NE, NW, SE, SW


Recycling Collection

Residents may mix aluminum, glass, tin and plastic cans, mixed paper and cardboard all together in the blue automated recycling container on their scheduled day for Single Stream Recycling.

The following items can be picked up at the curb when left out properly.

  • Garbage & Bulk

  • Newspaper

  • Mixed Paper & Corrugated Cardboard

  • Aluminum Cans

  • Steel & Tin Cans

  • Plastic (1-5)

  • Glass Bottles

  • Metal

  • Yard Waste (Leaves, Brush & Tree Parts)

  • X-mas Trees.


ITEMS ACCEPTED: Computers including: Monitors, CPU’s, Modems, and Televisions Only! All the above items are to be taken down to the Recycling Center.

Mixed News

  • Newspaper including any inserts (glossy or newsprint).  
  • Magazines, junk mail, cereal boxes, shoeboxes, office paper, telephone books, brown grocery bags, gift-wrapping & corrugated boxes are all acceptable mixed paper & corrugated recyclables.
  • The pages of any book may also be collected, provided that hard covers are removed and placed out for trash.

Aluminum Cans and Foil

  • Soda, Beer & Juice Cans.
  • Pie plates
  • Foil Scrap

Steel and Tin Cans

  • Soup, Pet food, empty aerosol cans and similarly constructed containers.


  • Only glass containers that contained food or drink.
  • Ceramics, porcelain, mirrors, glass windowpanes, etc. are not recyclable.


  • Only plastics with a 1 - 5 in the recycling symbol on the bottom are recyclable.
  • Plastic grocery bags are not recyclable.
  • Discarded plastic garbage containers will be taken as bulk trash. Please indicate with a note.


  • An appointment is ALWAYS needed to collect metal items.
  • Call by 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday for pick-up 732-632-8519.
  • Metal appliances, cast iron sink or tub, lawn furniture, stove, washer, dryer, window frames (glass removed for regular garbage collection--not recyclable), door frames, sofa bed frameworks (separated from sofa), pipes and any other item or items existing of a metal component can only be picked up when you call.

Grass and Yard Waste 


  • Leaves - Collected in paper biodegradable bags only. Do not place leaves in street or out in plastic bags or garbage cans.

Brush and Tree Parts

  • Branches, twigs, shrubs and heavy vines. 4-inch diameter or smaller, bundled in 4ft. lengths, tied or in containers. WHEN COLLECTED CURB SIDE, UNLIMITED IF TIED IN BUNDLES 50 LBS. AND UNDER.
  • Brush and tree parts will no longer be accepted at the recycling center at any time. All brush and tree parts will be picked up curbside only. Please remember to follow proper cutting and tying necessary for pick-up.

Christmas Trees

  • X-mas trees will not be collected in plastic bags! If you have an artificial X-mas tree to be picked up you would need to call for a bulk trash pick up.

Medication / Drop off Boxes

Drop off for old medication is available at Edison Police Department and also Woodbridge Police Department.

Storm Water Guide (pdf)