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Environmental Commission

The Environmental Commission was established in 1973. Its seven members, one of whom is also a member of the Planning Board, make recommendations to the Borough Council and Planning Board regarding the preservation and use of parks and other open spaces in the Borough.

Since completing its first project, the Environmental Resources Inventory, the Commission has taken on a variety of projects. The main undertakings have involved work on the

The public is welcome at Environmental Commission meetings, which are held on the third Wednesday of each month (except August and December) at 7:00 p.m. in Borough Hall. Comments or questions can be forwarded to the Commission through the Borough Clerk at or 732-632-8508.

Commission Members (Three year term)

  Dorothy Rasmussen Liaison
  Brian Weeks                12/31/21
  Mark Herzberg, Chair 12/31/21
  Lynn Nowak 12/31/19
  Angela Dohl 12/31/20
  Maryann Topping 12/31/19
  Alyson Dutemple 12/31/19
  Jennifer Kelley 12/31/20
  Keith Murath, Alt I 12/31/20
  John Eppersteiner, Alt II 12/31/20


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