Borough of 

500 Main St.
Metuchen, NJ 08840

Emergency Management Committee

Office of Emergency Management

Council Liaison: Tyler Kandel

Flaherty, Arthur Coordinator 12/31/2024
Burns, James Deputy Coordinator 12/31/2024
Donato, Angelo Deputy Coordinator 12/31/2024
O'Brien, Keith Deputy Coordinator 12/31/2024
Busch, Jonathan Mayor 12/31/2024
Perilstein, Melissa Administrator 12/31/2024
Perrine, Rick Senior Center 12/31/2024
Fairclough, Peter EMS President 12/31/2024
Donnan, Rob Fire Chief 12/31/2024
Drumetski, Leonard Deputy Fire Chief 12/31/2024
Lewinsky, Alex JFK EMS 12/31/2024
Knoll, Peter Police Sergeant 12/31/2024
Lewis, Brian Public Works Supervisor 12/31/2024
Caputo, Vincent Board of Education 12/31/2024
Chonka, Joseph Resident 12/31/2024
Switzer, Eileen Resident 12/31/2024

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